Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Live and Leaner Video is following VOIP

The first voice call over IP was made some where in the mid of 1995, even after 16 years it is not possible to call from one VoIP domain to an other VoIP domain. A lot of standardization effort was done but we still require PSTN or other gateway functions to connect different VoIP domains. If some one have an account on Skype there is no way to call AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Google messenger or to cooperate VoIP domain. {I am not sure if I can blame Telco for this, as no one had stopped Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Google, AOL to get together}

Same like VoIP Leaner and Live TV is following the same destiny. There are people in technical community think that ABR can solve their issues for transporting Live/Leaner TV over the Internet. In my opinion ABR is not going to scale for Live events, only network based replication (multicast) can serve 111 million supper bowl (2011) viewers.