Monday, March 17, 2008

Google says Microsoft's Yahoo buy might hurt Internet

It is interesting to see who is saying this Google :-). I think they do not like any other incumbent that there is a competition. Microsoft do not like that some one comes up with a nice OS and Google do not like that there will be an alternative search engine. In every day life we always try to teach ourself about tolerance but in reality it do not work. Big fish always like to have power further. We need a freshness in Operating System area and as well as in Internet Search both big giants are not capable to deliver Quality and service which fit the scene of IT today.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

Legal Movie clips over Facebook

This might will change how we watch movies in future.

Telesites from Free France = Cool service

The future of any service provider resides with the offering of differential services over Internet Platform. The Telesites service from Free in France is one of the examples how telecommunication companies can be converted in to a service provider. I think selling bits to the Internet customers will not be enough for the revenue of a Telco in future. The question is not which successful service a telecommunication company provides rather it is number of services they offer in a given time period. Internet is a huge pool of ideas some of them get successful and some of them fails. In order to cop with the speed and dynamic of Internet Telcos have to stop calculating business cases instead start realizing ideas from their own Human Resource pool or look for the ideas online.

If I am a service provider I will start a portal where I give people incentive to bring new service ideas and I will backed it with budget and technical expertise to realize them. I think collective human brain is better than just few people.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thomas Friedman on Internet and Green Future

Here is a very interesting speech from Thomas Friedman on today's society, Internet and future of Green energy. I will suggest every one to spare some time to hear this speech.

French court says site cannot grade teachers

A very interesting news, this shows how internet can change the way people behave. Just image if there will be site where people start writing about their doctors and other service personals. I think this can bring alot of business for some people and some of them can get jobless ;-) (Darwin's Law)

In my opinion this is not bad thing, i will my self prefer a doctor or teacher for my kid who can deal my kid responsibly.