Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Connect your things to the Internet - IoT


Thursday, October 13, 2011

UI enviornment comparision

Java vs. Flash vs. Silverlight


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quasicrystal - Nobel Prize

Vindicated: Ridiculed Israeli scientist wins Nobel

JERUSALEM (AP) — When Israeli scientist Dan Shechtman claimed to have stumbled upon a new crystalline chemical structure that seemed to violate the laws of nature, colleagues mocked him, insulted him and exiled him from his research group.After years in the scientific wilderness, though, he was proved right. And on Wednesday, he received the ultimate vindication: the Nobel Prize in chemistry.

The lesson?

"A good scientist is a humble and listening scientist and not one that is sure 100 percent in what he read in the textbooks," Shechtman said.


Quasiperiodical structures had been known well before the 20th-century. For example, tiles in a medieval Islamic mosque in Isfahan, Iran, are arranged in a quasicrystalline pattern.[6] In 1961, Hao Wang asked the question of whether determining if a set of tiles admits a tiling of the plane is an algorithmically unsolvable problem or not. He conjectured that it is solvable, relying on the hypothesis that any set of tiles which can tile the plane can do it periodically (hence it would suffice to try to tile bigger and bigger patterns until obtaining one that tiles periodically). But his student, Robert Berger, constructed two years later a set of some 20,000 square tiles (now called Wang tiles) which can tile the plane but not in a periodic fashion.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Faster than Light

I thought about it couple of years back, didn't thought that it will get real in my life. One other item will be added in this new world will be multiple dimensions more than what we know today. Look on following post for more on this:

Out of Three Dimensional world

(Reuters) - An international team of scientists said on Thursday they had recorded sub-atomic particles traveling faster than light -- a finding that could overturn one of Einstein's long-accepted fundamental laws of the universe. more...


Swiss candidate's platform: PowerPoint

The 51-year-old former software developer-turned public speaking coach is so convinced of the evils of PowerPoint that he formed an entire political party based on his cause. He is now an official Anti PowerPoint Party (APPP) candidate in the upcoming Swiss parliamentary elections. more...


Trial, error and the God complex

Tim Harford: Trial, error and the God complex | Video on TED.com

Friday, August 19, 2011

Driven off the Road by M.B.A.s

Bob Lutz, the former Vice Chairman of General Motors, is the most famous also-ran in the auto business. In the course of his 47-year rampage through the industry, he's been within swiping range of the brass ring at Ford, BMW, Chrysler and, most recently, GM, but he's never landed the top gig. It's because he "made the cars too well," he says. It might also have something to do with the fact that Maximum Bob, who could double as a character on Mad Men, is less an éminence grise than a pithy self-promoter who has a tendency to go off corporate message. That said, his new book, Car Guys vs. Bean Counters: The Battle for the Soul of American Business, has a message worth hearing. To get the U.S. economy growing again, Lutz says, we need to fire the M.B.A.s and let engineers run the show.

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,2081930,00.html#ixzz1VVd5Ef3s

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Live and Leaner Video is following VOIP

The first voice call over IP was made some where in the mid of 1995, even after 16 years it is not possible to call from one VoIP domain to an other VoIP domain. A lot of standardization effort was done but we still require PSTN or other gateway functions to connect different VoIP domains. If some one have an account on Skype there is no way to call AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Google messenger or to cooperate VoIP domain. {I am not sure if I can blame Telco for this, as no one had stopped Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Google, AOL to get together}

Same like VoIP Leaner and Live TV is following the same destiny. There are people in technical community think that ABR can solve their issues for transporting Live/Leaner TV over the Internet. In my opinion ABR is not going to scale for Live events, only network based replication (multicast) can serve 111 million supper bowl (2011) viewers.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Apple, Google, NewsCorp and the Future of Content

Apple, Google, NewsCorp and the Future of Content - John Mauldin's Outside the Box - InvestorsInsight.com | Financial Intelligence, Advice & Research / Investment Strategies & Planning for Individual Investors.

Future of Content

Also, in the "fusion" model I outlined before - news will be delivered in a completely new way. It no longer needs to be "presented" by a credible looking news figure. Instead, news will be raw and the "commentary" will be generated by the audience themselves. Imagine the kind of stuff that people write as comments on video clips on YouTube or Facebook now but taken to the 10th power. The audience of the near future doesn't want to be walked through their news. Here's the new context for the new news: 1st person point of view as personal experience. Maybe you could say the news as "video game"? (laughs) Not quite… The NYTs has had a successful career as a shaper of stories - I think that is less important now and will go away quickly. Honestly, I think anyone in the newspaper business should be on Craig's List looking for a new gig.



Saturday, January 8, 2011

New media right standard (DECE) UltraViolet

A Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) alliance that includes Warner Brothers, Microsoft, NBC Universal, Sony, and Fox is working to break down walls between gadgets and services to catalyze demand for films.


The DECE alliance has set up an UltraViolet platform for film lovers to create free accounts in the Internet "cloud" where versions of movies they buy in DVD or digital formats are stored in online “lockers.”
"If you buy a movie, it comes with a copy in the cloud," Warner Brothers Digital Distribution president Thomas Gewecke said during a DECE panel discussion at the Consumer Electronics Show that ends Sunday in Las Vegas.


Akamai Preps for UltraViolet