Saturday, May 30, 2009


Is Natural Science finally committed to materialism? There is no doubt that the theories of science constitute trustworthy knowledge, because they are verifiable and enable us to predict and control the events of Nature. But we must not forget that what is called science is not a single systematic view of Reality. It is a mass of sectional views of Reality fragments of a total experience which do not seem to fit together. Natural Science deals with matter, with life and with mind; but the moment you ask the question how matter, life and mind are mutually related, you begin to see the sectional character of the various sciences that deal with them and the inability of these sciences, taken singly, to furnish a complete answer to your question. In fact, the various natural sciences are like so many vultures falling on the dead body of Nature, and each running away with a piece of its flesh. Nature as the subject of science is a highly artificial affair, and this artificiality is the result of that selective process to which science must subject her in the interests of precision. The moment you put the subject of science in the total of human experience it begins to disclose a different character. (Iqbal)

Next Genration of Media Push Vs. Pull

Push media like TV today
Pull media like internet, IPTV, VOD etc
Reading newspaper with advertisement or reading blogs.
Advertisement what i want to see not what a media outlet want to show me. personalized ad and personalized TV

CAC (Call admission control)

In traditional telephone network CAC was one of the main components to assure quality of service. In the internet world it might be best to say SAC (service admission control). Admission control is not that easy in IP world, packet network is different than circuit switching. There is a solution with RSVP to reserve bandwidth but it will not scale when you need to reserve 64k on a 40G link for some millions of calls.
One option could be to use ISIS TE extension to announce core link utilization. As soon as a core link reaches a preconfigured threshold, ISIS sends an update with this information to the edge of the network. At the edge RSVP could be used to signal this to the application or Customer edge (CPE).

IMS for Telco

IMS is a wrong investment for a fixed line or wireless telco. In future a more light weight platform from Telco will be required for new services based on standardize approach. I think an ALTO (IETF) like architecture will be the best way forward.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

No Future for Blu-ray Disc - DVD

Online rent compare to dvd rent vs dvd bought. No future for blueray as the media(movie) will be over network in digital format. Rental or buy services are already getting alot of attraction from endusers. Example for some services : Xbox-Netflex, itunes, Hulu etc.



SKorean scientists clone pig for human transplants

Fertility doctor on brink of cloning human: report



Next Generation Professions

There is nothing like a doctor or engineer in future they need to be developed in completely mix professions. Doctors need to be engineer and mathematician and other way around an Engineer need to know more about nature.
This was the case few hundred years before but then we move to a narrow down version of these professions and now are the time to merge these qualities again to take the next step in humanity.
There are enough examples in Chinese, ancient Greece, Arabic golden age.

Current education system is not capable to deliver the professionals of tomorrow. The education system is already got outdated, most of the things people study in their academic time are not any more useable in the practical field. There is some change currently going on in some universities for example MIT is doing big steps to update things for future, an example can be seen on following link:

But still it is not what the NG professionals will look like, this way a good physicist can be produced but not an inventor of next generation. We need bottom to top complete change in the education system, and continue change. Not only the one time change rather a change after every few years.

Generating new Revenue streams - Internet Service Providers

The toughest questions today most of the internet service providers are facing is to how they can increase their ARPU. Easy going solution they are currently doing is to reduce costs, a part from saving on infrastructure and a part from decreasing employ numbers to make their investors happy.
Following are few ideas to increase ARPU:
  • End user will get free or subsidies access (dsl,FTTH etc) service if they agree to share their storage and home CPU for a SP cloud. SP cloud than can sale these resources to the interesting parties. A part this is already done by some of the P2P and video distribution companies, but an SP have much better position to do this due to the ownership of transport infrastructure.
  • Providing Internet based High Def. Video services for home users (The main business will be webcam ladies)
  • Providing billing for end customer for online shoping
  • Location services for search and advertisment
  • IPTV platform for media companies, no wall garden approch
Main target for a Service provider should be to build a platform for the end user and e-comerce companies without getting in to wall garden services provided by itself. I will add more to this list as new stuff come in mind.