Monday, November 23, 2009

Video and Telco's future

Some interesting articles about OTT video and Telco:

Verizon to Hulu: You’ll be dead in two years, anyway

The challenge for large media companies — and Verizon with its FiOS service now sits squarely in that camp — is whether they can keep up as smaller competitors innovate away at the next new thing. The real problem for incumbents is that such upstarts can be incredibly disruptive to the status quo without really having any chance to survive and thrive as an independent company.

In the end, though, it doesn’t matter if Hulu — or Roku or any other video start-up — actually survives. What matters is whether the innovations they introduce stick and how those innovations change, or in some cases shatter, the industry status quo.

Perhaps even scarier is whether or not true innovators get bought up by larger competitors. It’s easy to laugh off a Silicon Valley start-up. It’s not so easy when they get acquired by Google or Cisco or some other giant and become the status quo.

Watch out Hulu, Facebook is taking over video

Top 10 Online Web Brands Ranked by Total Streams

Video Brand Total Streams (000) Unique Viewers (000)
YouTube 6,632,964 105,923
Hulu 632,662 13,472
Facebook 217,765 31,594
MSN/WindowsLive/Bing 183,556 17,301
Yahoo! 173,482 24,265
Fox Interactive Media 160,698 13,142
ABC Television 136,348 5,642
Turner Sports and Entertainment Digital Network 119,850 5,741
ESPN Digital Network 109,799 8,625
CBS Entertainment Network 103,741 6,973

Source: Nielsen VideoCensus (via

Najam Saquib

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Iliad Reports Q3 2009

ARPU to € 36.1 per month (excl. VAT)
The growing usage of added value services available to Free and Alice subscribers. Revenues generated by these services thus totalled more than € 348 million to 30 September 2009, an increase of close to 36% over the period.

Iliad Reports Q3 2009

Najam Saquib