Monday, March 10, 2008

Telesites from Free France = Cool service

The future of any service provider resides with the offering of differential services over Internet Platform. The Telesites service from Free in France is one of the examples how telecommunication companies can be converted in to a service provider. I think selling bits to the Internet customers will not be enough for the revenue of a Telco in future. The question is not which successful service a telecommunication company provides rather it is number of services they offer in a given time period. Internet is a huge pool of ideas some of them get successful and some of them fails. In order to cop with the speed and dynamic of Internet Telcos have to stop calculating business cases instead start realizing ideas from their own Human Resource pool or look for the ideas online.

If I am a service provider I will start a portal where I give people incentive to bring new service ideas and I will backed it with budget and technical expertise to realize them. I think collective human brain is better than just few people.

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