Friday, January 15, 2010

Google Nexus One - a flop

I was expecting that Google will not succeed in the mobile market with their Nexus One. Following news confirm this:

Google Nexus One launch-week sales disappoint

Google is trying in alot of fields me-too kind of approach which is far away from real innovation. Until now the only success google bring was the search, the rest they bought (Youtube, blogger etc). I don't remmeber any service from google get real success otherthan their search engine. There are very few companies on the plant which can grow and still have in house innovation. Most of the big blues buy innovations from the market in the form of small or big accusations. The innovative minds get stuck in the organizational structures and don't get chance to do some thing new. These guys leave and do an other start-up for a second success. I had wrote a post before on innovation.

Inovations - Out of box thinking

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