Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Open Internet (Net Neutrality)

Today i have seen the following on Light Reading and would like to provide some comments on net neutrality.


How we see the internet today is only due to the openness and freedom of it. It is very simple and easy to say that some provider needs a way to control traffic but at the end it is difficult to control what a service provider or authority is doing with DPI. We can see this in China, Saudi Arabia and other authoritative Govt. After Sep. 11 the same is going on in USA and EU on the name of police in the internet to catch bad guys.
Today's Internet is not only a tool to connect people, it is also a part of media of expression like newspaper or TV. Internet provides a platform for general public to give their point of view on different issues within a country or at the international level. It differ from legacy media outlets as there is no editorial process involved.
I know if we like or not there will be a control on Internet in future. We can just hope that Freedom of speech/expression will not completely disappear.

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