Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Unified Communication and Internet

I had seen an article and looked on some offers about Unified communication. It is very interesting to see how the business community is legging behind new technologies. There was a time the technology moves from business arena to customer arena and now a day it is in the opposite direction. Most of the applications are currently used in the public community first and than it moves to Business. Some of the examples are Instant Messaging, Video, collaboration tools and P2P applications.
The same trend you can see in the telecommunication sector. One of the example is video. Before the .com bubble most of the telecoms sector was convinced that video is not profitable business and especially video on IP has no future. Now we have seen after popularity of Internet based Video web sites every telecoms company have in one or other way a video story.
I think internet community had an innovation platform for last 10 years and it will be for new technologies for the years come.


Usman said...

well, as i understand the network infra needs real upgrading. Even on my DSL, sometimes i see the video to be a bit choppy. Yeah there are software solutions like caching and whatnot, but these are sortof workarounds not the solution. Also for services like VOIP, even though the network has evolved in last decade or so, still its not considered reliable enough to offer services like 911.

my 2 cents...

Najam Saquib said...

Of course you are right but my blog was about the services which today's Internet offer. Even as you mentioned Infrastructure is week but still Internet is the platform for innovation and that what i want to mention.