Thursday, May 14, 2009

Next Generation Professions

There is nothing like a doctor or engineer in future they need to be developed in completely mix professions. Doctors need to be engineer and mathematician and other way around an Engineer need to know more about nature.
This was the case few hundred years before but then we move to a narrow down version of these professions and now are the time to merge these qualities again to take the next step in humanity.
There are enough examples in Chinese, ancient Greece, Arabic golden age.

Current education system is not capable to deliver the professionals of tomorrow. The education system is already got outdated, most of the things people study in their academic time are not any more useable in the practical field. There is some change currently going on in some universities for example MIT is doing big steps to update things for future, an example can be seen on following link:

But still it is not what the NG professionals will look like, this way a good physicist can be produced but not an inventor of next generation. We need bottom to top complete change in the education system, and continue change. Not only the one time change rather a change after every few years.

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