Thursday, May 14, 2009

Generating new Revenue streams - Internet Service Providers

The toughest questions today most of the internet service providers are facing is to how they can increase their ARPU. Easy going solution they are currently doing is to reduce costs, a part from saving on infrastructure and a part from decreasing employ numbers to make their investors happy.
Following are few ideas to increase ARPU:
  • End user will get free or subsidies access (dsl,FTTH etc) service if they agree to share their storage and home CPU for a SP cloud. SP cloud than can sale these resources to the interesting parties. A part this is already done by some of the P2P and video distribution companies, but an SP have much better position to do this due to the ownership of transport infrastructure.
  • Providing Internet based High Def. Video services for home users (The main business will be webcam ladies)
  • Providing billing for end customer for online shoping
  • Location services for search and advertisment
  • IPTV platform for media companies, no wall garden approch
Main target for a Service provider should be to build a platform for the end user and e-comerce companies without getting in to wall garden services provided by itself. I will add more to this list as new stuff come in mind.

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