Wednesday, April 23, 2008

IPTV or Video as service

We have seen during last months that TV Channels start providing content directly over internet. This trend will goes on further and soon we will see most of the TV channels will be available online with option of VOD and new features. In future it will be a great challenge for Telco to position IPTV solutions with customer. Why an eye bowl will go to Telco if the content can be available from first hand?

Few examples:


NBC Universal

Fox Broadcasting Co.

CBS Corp.

ABC Inc.

Germany: (ZDFmediathek) (offer for the subscriber)

UK: (Currently available for UK only)

Most of the big media companies opening their content over Internet. Some of them have restrictions that the content is only viewable in a specific country but this will also change in future. International Intellectual property copyright is one reason for the content not available all over the world, which might also change with time.

Telco companies have to look for some other way to get in the video market. One of the other problem most of the Telco companies face is lack of experience with end customer in video content market. I think that closed network video will have a short life span as previously thought or predicted. Their will be users subscribe to pay-TV services but they can get the content directly over Internet or with legacy technology. Premier league (Football) is one of the examples.

Young audience with high-speed connection to internet is increasing rapidly and most of this audience use Internet only for their free time entertainment.

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